Matthew SmithAnalyst


Mr. Smith is an analyst at Ventura Consulting Group since 2012. Mr. Smith works to ensure online surveys that support project teams from “Good to World Class”.  Mr. Smith’s role in Ventura Consulting Group is uploading new leads and handling day to day activity of monthly surveys including scheduling, sending surveys, collecting responses from the project team and providing results to the project team.

Matt graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2005 and worked as a Sr. Customer Service Executive and Team Leader prior to working at Ventura Consulting Group. In his spare time he loves to read books and play football

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  • 11602 Habersham Lane
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How can we help you?

Do you have a troubled project that you need to get turned around?  We can help!

I’ve been in this business over 45 years and I didn’t think you could change a project team that was highly dysfunctional.  Jim, as a neutral 3rd party, was able to turn a highly challenged and adversarial project team into an aligned, focused “World Class” team and do this quickly.  The result was that upon completion I and the entire project team were very proud of what we accomplished together.

Jim Troup
President, Monterey Mechanical General Contractors

Need to turn around your troubled project?