“Reset Partnering”™


To enable senior project/program managers to access the specific value of the Reset Partnering’sTM process and make an informed business decision, we offer a two hour interactive session that will achieve the following:

1. Rather than ‘sell’ participants on ‘Reset Partnering’ we will actually do it with them. Experiencing it, in our experience, is much more meaningful than hearing about it.

2. Establish that ‘Reset Partnering’ does not try to change people, lecture them or in any way ‘make’ them partner.

3. Rather it gives them 3 choices going forward: (1) argue/discuss who’s right or wrong about why this relationship is poor; (2) Do nothing = let the status quo prevail. What are the predictable consequences on the project? (3). Let go of the past/history. Reset and establish compelling partnership goals for the future of the project; near term milestones; and then specific, collaborative actions with names, dates and deliverables that would achieve these milestones.

3. Assess the measurable value, both personally and organizationally, of creating and sustaining a truly World Class team on their new project.

4. Affirm that World Class teamwork is not conditional. That is, you can have adverse circumstances on your project to include lousy site conditions, incomplete drawings, poor past institutional relationships, difficult people and yet World Class results and teamwork are still possible going forward.

5. Evaluate how a World Class team might deal with the predictable risks and challenges associated with their new project.

5. Identify and co-create a project specific workshop process with workshop participants that would create World Class project teamwork and results with velocity.

6. Establish that, paradoxically, the worse the past or current relationship, the easier it is to affect a positive, sustained and immediate reset.