I’ve been in this business over 45 years and I didn’t think you could change a project team that was highly dysfunctional.  Jim, as a neutral 3rd party, was able to turn a highly challenged and adversarial project team into an aligned, focused “World Class” team and do this quickly.  The result was that upon completion I and the entire project team were very proud of what we accomplished together.

Jim Troup
President, Monterey Mechanical General Contractors

Jim has worked with Kaiser National Facilities Services on 4 major health care projects. Each one had a very challenging ‘staff and stock’ opening date. His reset partnering process significantly enhanced collaboration by enabling the project team to create and execute collaborative goals and actions that resulted in us hitting or bettering those dates. Also, these were projects that all stakeholders could be proud of.

Ivan Caso
Executive Direction of Construction, Kaiser NFS soCal

You were able to turn a highly challenged project with a non-responsive contractor, and all under a very tight timeline, into a successfully collaborative process that resulted in immediate, major, and ongoing improvements in project teamwork and results through successful project partnering.  I and the entire team are very proud of the aligned, focused, “World Class” team that resulted from your reset efforts and for the success of the Thermalito Restoration Project being completed on-time. Thank you.

Tony Meyers
Executive Director, Delta Conveyance Office, California Department of Water Resources

 Jim, I could not use you and your firm on all my projects of my USMC 2.4bn progrom. But I did use you on my most challenging and complex ones.  Those being the Yuma Joint Strike Fighter Facility and US Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton.  Subsequently both were outstanding successes and NHCP was 6 months early (the first DOD or VA hospital to ever finish early) and, of course, won the 2014 AGC “Project of the Year” nationwide. Also, your assistance in turning around a schedule critical, ‘black box’, highly troubled job at China Lake was invaluable.

Mike Williamson
Capt. US Navy CEC (Ret), Currently president of PC Iron and AGC San Diego President

Jim has the uncanny ability to get people to talk to each other for the common goal of having a successful, ‘World Class’ project. He was instrumental in discouraging team members from hiding behind emails and texts,and convincing all project stakeholders to resolve issues through direct conversations thus significantly reducing the time required to resolve time and cost impacts, and keeping the project moving forward.

Steve Rosenfield
President, Kemp Construction

Jim worked with our field leadership team on a 2.1 billion dollar, complex health care project for over two years. It was an IPD job employing LEAN Construction. Jim’s work helped create alignment and enhance the performance of the project field leaders most connected to the front line. His efforts helped the team stay aligned and focused, keeping a mega project on schedule and helping us cross the finish line on time.

David Thomack
Group Vice President, Boldt Companies

On a dock renovation and dredging project we had good people with good intentions who had different ideas of success which they weren’t communicating to one another. They were not aligned. This led to distrust, unresolved issues and delays. Your work improved efficiencies and coordination and enabled us to complete the remainder of the job as a “World Class” team and avoid potentially very costly legal disputes at the end of the job.

George Atkinson
Vice President, Manson Construction

Although we have used Ventura Consulting with great success for traditional project partnering workshops that included us as the general contractor, the Owner, the design team, and key subcontractors, we most recently used Ventura for an internal partnering workshop with our joint venture team on an extremely complex megaproject that was in the preconstruction phase. The JV partners had distinctly different backgrounds and brought distinctly different attributes to the joint venture, and it was paramount for the joint venture to work as an aligned, unified team with the Owner.  The partnering workshop was very successful in bringing much better cohesion, alignment, and communication within the JV team. A definite win!

Jeff Ehret
President, The Penta Group